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What is Personalized Content

You can’t reach your customers if you don’t know what they want.

People come to your website because they have questions or challenges, and potentially, you have answers and solutions. So what are your customers looking for when they visit your site? Are they looking for general details about your products and services? Or are they looking for something hyper-specific that can only be discovered by diving deep into your site’s product catalog or knowledge base? Just like a traditional client relationship, having more information about your site’s visitors puts you in a much stronger position to address their challenges, and show them that you have the solutions.

Personalized content uses insights into a customer’s frame of mind.  By addressing specific areas of customer interest, personalized content engages the customer intelligently -making them feel as if the content was created just for them.

Presenting high-quality, personalized content to your site’s visitors helps you speak to their needs more effectively; allowing you to build stronger client relationships, improve your standing as a trusted brand, and accelerate the journey to conversion. Personalized content strategies help to ensure that content is being used to its fullest potential rather than disappearing into your blogroll and failing to engage prospects. 

Personalized content drives the larger website personalization experience for your B2B website. 

The Benefits of Personalized Content 

Is personalized content really worth the effort? Absolutely! High-quality content that speaks directly to customer’s interests helps to strengthen your brand, reinforce messaging and build trust between customer and brand. It promotes customer engagement -improving conversion and retention. And, because content personalization relies on data analytics, you can use that data to give you additional, and valuable insights into customer interests and behaviors.

All of these factors contribute to improved sales, increased revenues, and opportunities for the growth and success of your company. Specifically, quality personalized content can help your business improve: 

Customer Relationships

98% of marketers say that personalization advances customer relationships. High-quality personalized content shows the prospect that you understand their challenges, and demonstrates that you can provide them with the solution they are looking for. 

Website Engagement

Personalized content increases website visitor engagement by 55%, by providing a better customer experience. This can be measured by a reduced bounce rate and longer website journeys. And more engagement means that prospects are more likely to convert, and existing customers will be more loyal.

Marketing Efficiency

Businesses that utilize personalized content marketing have 46% better lead generation and customer acquisition; and B2B firms that use personalization tools can increase marketing spend efficiency by 10-30%. Marketing and sales become more efficient, with more qualified interactions and fewer cold calls.

Conversion Rates

Customers like to buy from trusted brands, so providing personalized content and improving trust can significantly increase conversion rates. A study by Salesforce found that personalization increased conversion rates by 51%, and another study found that 78% of consumers reported that personalized content increases purchase intent.

Customer Data

With personalization, businesses can learn more about visitors and prospects. In addition to your customers feeling more satisfied with your website content, you’ll learn more about them as they interact with your personalized content. As your site gathers more anonymous data, you can iterate and drive further improvements.

To learn more about the advantages of personalization, check out our blog post about the benefits of content personalization. 

Challenges to Personalized Content

With all of the benefits linked to content personalization, why isn’t everyone doing it? Probably because it’s not as easy as it looks. Some challenges to effectively implementing personalized content include:

Limited Resources

46% of companies said that personalization efforts had stalled due to a lack of personnel that can dedicate time and energy to personalization strategy, implementation, and management. 38% were held back by having the right employees, with specialized knowledge and skill; and another 43% struggled with lack of budget. 

Lack of Organizational Support

Implementing content personalization is a change to business processes, requiring the support of key stakeholders throughout the organization to be successful. 32% of businesses interested in delivering personalized experiences were held back by a lack of organizational alignment, while 20% suffered from a lack of executive sponsorship.

Poor Technology

28% of organizations have a solution in place, but not the one that they need; while 24% have purchased too many technology solutions, none of which deliver the right, measurable results. Technology that is purchased without strategy can be ineffective in reaching measurable results and achieving goals.

Get Started With Personalized Content Today

Providing prospects with relevant content that speaks to their interests and offers solutions to their challenges is a critical component of building trust between customer and brand. Effective personalization isn’t easy, but websites that master personalized content can see up to a 139% increase in website engagement.

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Website Engagement in a Changed World

If you’re struggling with website engagement today, don’t fret. That’s normal; many businesses struggle with engagement because they don’t know who is visiting their site. However, companies can still engage, connect, and convert website visitors even when they don’t know who the visitors are. 

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