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The Lab: Product Development

SoloSegment’s applied research and product development focuses on two critical content marketing business problems:

The Content Conundrum

Mark Schaefer observed in his book, The Content Code, that the capacity to consume content is relatively fixed and the supply of content is ever growing. More content is not the answer to driving increased conversion. More effective content is the answer.

The Productivity Paradox 

The more information we provide to our knowledge workers about how to improve content quality, the more they struggle to make productive use of it. In fact, more information can drive productivity in the wrong direction. More is known. Less gets done.

Our vision brings a combination of technologies to bear to help solve both problems.

Content DeObfuscator: AI Conversion Engine

The most important applied research we have underway is focused on understanding how machine learning can improve content effectiveness.

Specifically, we seek to understand how machine learning can be used to predict the likelihood that a particular piece of content will lead to a conversion. Of course, that’s just table stakes.

The real magic is taking these learnings about specific content and generalizing that to help you understand what features make content effective in the context of your user journeys. Knowing this, it’s easier for you replicate conversion success. Replicating conversion success accelerates your business. Faster is better!

The AI beta is still in the oven but we’re ready to work with a few Alpha customers who are willing to partner to help us on this journey of discovery. If you and your team are passionate about driving conversion and inquisitive about how machine learning can help you, read more about our research here and let’s talk. Also, if you’re interested in talking to us about how we might help you with a custom AI project, let us know!

The Productivity Accelerator: Content Corrector

There’s a lot of stuff wrong with your content. There are technical issues. There are semantic issues. Knowing what is wrong is getting easier. Consultants, crawlers, and dashboards all help provide information to help you understand the problem.

Fixing the problem is hard and getting harder.

Your budget is under pressure.
You don’t have enough people.
It’s hard to know what’s most important.
There’s not way to automate content correction.

Until now.

Content Corrector uses a variety of techniques to automatically correct content.

Content Corrector will be deployed in a limited beta with select clients in 2Q 2017. Our goal is to have it generally available in the second half of the year. If you’re interested in discussing how Content Corrector can help you improve your site’s content, give us a shout.