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Site Search Inspector

You probably don’t measure site search. Most companies don’t. If you do, your tools don’t answer the most important question: Are your prospects and customers successful?

The data we see is disturbing. It is common for companies to have initial search failure rates in excess of 75%. The good news is that SoloSegment makes it easier to fix this problem than you imagine. SoloSegment’s market leading site search analytics enables automation that improves site search conversion. Your prospects find what they’re looking for. You close more business.

Automatically improve

SoloSearchBox provides cognitive, analytics-based type ahead. Your customers are guided to successful terms.

Gauge your performance

It’s easy to get swamped by the detail. Our dashboard focuses you on your customers greatest pain points.

Optimize and improve

Your customers are stuck. Our context specific Knowledgebase provides techniques to unstick them.

Measure your progress

See the trends. How good should search be? Short answer: Better than it was yesterday.


The One Question

At its core, Site Search Inspector generates analytics that answer the most critical search question. Did your most important visitors, those who think you have the solution to their problem, get their question answered? In short, are searchers successful?

Of course, it also provides answers to all the “Why not?” questions that are spawned when performance is low. Which search results links do users find helpful? Which links lead to dead ends? Which keywords have no results? Which keywords have few clicks? Where do the good links, the success links, appear on the search results page?

Get Results from Day 1

The analytics will give you insight into where you have problems, but the challenge is fixing those problems quick enough to make an impact. Fortunately, we have a way of getting you improvement from Day 1, automatically.

Our search suggestion capability provides type-ahead function in your search box that suggests terms based upon those that have worked for other visitors. Past success is used to build future success. The more success data that builds up over time, the smarter the suggestions get.

What it does

Many visitors who land on your website use your site’s search to move their buyer’s journey forward. How’s that working for them? If your analytics dashboard provides any information about site search it’s usually quite limited. SoloSegment’s Site Search Inspector provides you with specific, actionable insight.

They want to buy from you. Connect with them.

The Site Search Inspector dashboard provides your marketing teams with detailed information about the success of site search. It shows you which keywords are being used and how well you’re doing at connecting searchers with the right content.

Making that connection matters.

One of our clients improved their search success rate by 109%, yielding $9M in increased revenue annually.

Read the case study

Go deeper.

Site Search Inspector allows you to get further into the data than any solution on the market today. Typical web analytics packages give site search passing attention at best. Even the analytics embedded with search engines are weak. Site Search Inspector shows you things you can’t get anywhere else.

  • Which links are appearing on the search results page for each keyword?
  • What is their order on the page?
  • What’s being clicked?
  • Which of those clicks is successful and which frustrate users?

See trends. Note the failures. Target your improvements efforts. Build success.

Make it better.

And the most important question of all: What can we do to fix these problems? The Site Search Inspector provides context-sensitive tips from its Knowledge Base, so that there’s always a solution to any issue–written in plain language that any marketer can understand. And if that’s not enough, we have experts on our services team who can be engaged to ignite your efforts.

OK, you might be thinking, I can see how the Inspector helps our team fix the problems, but how does that make the boss prioritize this work in the first place? The answer might be easier than you think.

The Site Search Inspector gives you a ready-made governance tool. If you get the boss to agree to setting some standards for improvement (decreasing the bounce rate, improving the click rate, or something else you can track), then each of the scorecards owned by your individual content teams becomes your way of tracking progress. You can review each month which content teams are red, yellow, and green according to the standards that you set–the boss will see progress each month as the teams start working toward improvement.

How it works

Short Story

A lightweight JavaScript tag, much like those used by any other analytics program you use today, is placed on your website. This piece of code collects data about the user experience and sends that data to SoloSement’s logging servers where the data is processed to accurately reflect a visitor’s search experience. The JavaScript also enables our search suggestion capability so your results get better from the start. You access the results via the web-based Site Search Inspector dashboard.

The JavaScript

You place the lightweight Javascript tag on your website. It adds only a fraction of a second to the page load time and gathers all the data that is needed to understand your visitor’s search success experience. While we usually recommend that you at this to your tag manager, you can also add the tag directly to the header or footer of your website template.

<script type="text/javascript" src="/URL/to/SiteSearchInspector.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript"> = "123abc456defghijkl789"; = ".solosegment-results"; = [
]; = {
term: "facet",
category: "all"
}; = 10; = 1;

Solosegment.analyze(); </script>

Processing the Data

This is all on SoloSegment. Every action your user takes creates a log entry on our dedicated, high availability logging servers. We then use proprietary methods to reassemble those logs into a user journey that provides you with the ability to measure the success of each search.

Taking Action

The Site Search Inspector dashboard is a web-based dashboard. Each of your employees receives their own UserID. If different people are responsible for each area of your site, you can create Teams to only show certain results to certain people.


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