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Develop a Plan with Rapid Growth Roadmap

Find your North Star with SoloSegment’s Rapid Growth Roadmap. This process provides near instant insights and a plan you can use. Fast track your company’s growth with a rapid industry assessment, market analysis, and a strategic roadmap. Increase revenues. Reduce costs. Improve your effectiveness using digital.

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Rapid Growth Roadmap Benefits

Speed to Delivery

Plan, analyze, and understand your digital roadmap within weeks, not months.​

Data-driven Results

Proactively measure, prioritize, and take actions based on business findings​.

Clear Concise Direction​​

Find your North Star by understanding your business and digital needs.

Hear from our customers

“I feel like you understand our company even more than we do.”
—Senior Marketing Leader

“Thank you again for a great meeting yesterday and for the exhaustive analysis. I mentioned to [a colleague] that bringing SoloSegment in was a fantastic decision.”
—Head of Marketing, Healthcare Company



With Rapid Growth Roadmap, our goal is to understand your business, industry and overall goals and provide you with a digital strategy focused on data-driven marketing and your digital journey. We take information gathered during a one-day session and turn it into a customized digital strategy for your business.

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We hold an intense one-day comprehensive session with your team to learn about your company, customers and goals. During this session, we will: Discover your strengths, area of opportunities, current digital position, and more. Learn about your company’s structure, its strategic direction and where you want to take it.

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A few weeks after the session, we provide an in-depth digital marketing analysis and plan. This includes: Company and competitor analysis Review of strategic keywords and customer search behavior Customized strategic keywords Long-term marketing strategy Digital roadmap including content marketing, martech stack, CRM, and personalization strategy

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