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SoloSegment’s client websites use our technology to improve their site search, understand search success, and identify visitor navigation patterns that yield successful search. This insight allows a company to improve the customer experience in many ways including providing insight into the things that make site search better for their visitors.

Site search is the search function on a company’s website that allows visitors to search the website for content that conforms to the visitors intent (e.g. their search terms or keywords). It is distinguished from web search offerings like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others that allow their users to search many websites.

When you visit a website that uses SoloSegment’s technology, including, but not limited to, SearchBox, GuideBox, and MatchBox, collects information via a JavaScript.

Per our Terms of Service, clients are prohibited from transmitting to SoloSegment any information that contains personal information. For example, they are prohibited from putting personal information such as email addresses or IP addresses in URL strings that may get transmitted to SoloSegment’s servers in the normal use of our service.

SoloSegment does not share any personal information with any other company. SoloSegment makes every effort to comply with governmental privacy standards including GDPR.


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