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The SoloSegment Partner Program

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SoloSegment works with digital media and marketing firms to increase the value of their consulting services. A SoloSegment Partner delivers value to their clients by providing easy to deploy software that reduces a key pain point involving site search.

Site Search Inspector provides your clients with actionable insight into improving search conversions and provides you with the opportunity to sell additional services. 

SoloSegment Partner Program Value

The SoloSegment Partner program will:

  • Increase Revenue Per Client: Site Search Inspector provides opportunities to identify problem areas that you can solve for your clients.
  • Demonstrate Measurable Improvement: The Site Search Inspector dashboard illustrates improvements over time as pogo stick rates decline and search conversions increase.
  • Improve Client Retention: Having the ability to visualize problems and see measurable results demonstrates the continued value of the agency relationship.

SoloSegment makes it easy for agencies to provide value added software to their clients. SoloSegment provides education to agency teams, provides marketing materials to describe the value for your clients and partners with you to implement our solutions. We take care of the heavy lifting on the technology side so you can focus on selling value-added services and deepen your client relationship.

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