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Internal site search is a key component for any website experience. A visitor comes to a site and scrolls through a few pages. If they can’t find what they’re looking for right away, they’ll turn to your internal site search at the top of your website. 

However, if you have a clunky or ineffective internal site search engine with poor results, this may turn into a quick bounce… and a lost opportunity. 

Does My Website Need Internal Site Search? 

You may be asking yourself, ‘do I need an internal site search on my website?’ The answer is yes. You likely have pages and pages of valuable information on your website, and these pages are increasing by the day, week, or month. That’s a great thing. However, if you don’t have an internal site search, these pages become more difficult for your customers to find as the amount of content you offer grows. You want to keep your most valuable content at the fingertips of your site visitors, and an effective internal site search is your answer.

Internal Site Search Best Practices

So, how do you implement the best internal site search experience for your website? You want to ensure simplicity, usability, and effectiveness, to name a few. 

  • Build for ease of use: Your site search bar should be easy to find and interact with. A user shouldn’t have to take multiple steps and make multiple clicks just to find your site search. Whether you have the search bar or a simple magnifying glass icon, ensure it’s top of mind when a user comes to your page. 

  • Be analytics-focused: Internal site search is one of the most valuable tools on your website to see how your visitors are engaging with your site and what content they are searching for. 

  • Deliver quality search results: t may seem like a no-brainer, but you need an internal site search that delivers exactly what your visitors are looking for. Lead your customers to good answers and drive conversions for your business.  

Increase Conversions with Internal Site Search 

Simply put, an effective internal site search experience can create more conversions for your business. When you help your customers find the content they are looking for, you lead customers to greater engagement and a more satisfying search experience, ultimately improving your website conversion rates. With an internal site search tool like SearchBox, you can obtain 87% higher conversions on your site. 

How to Use Internal Site Search Analytics to Your Advantage 

Most websites have some form of internal site search. However, most websites aren’t taking advantage of the important data behind these searches. SearchBox collects unique data from your website searches and uses this information to improve not only your website search experience but also your business results. 

Upgrade Your Website Experience and Boost Profitability with SearchBox

Better search results and functionality isn’t just a great benefit for user experience. Better search results can have a direct impact on your revenue and lead to more sales: 

  • Increase in search success: Searchers are your best prospects. Connecting them with what they want can yield more conversions. 

  • Increase transactional revenue: Businesses with transactional capabilities on their site have seen increases of $9 million or more in revenue 

  • Support cost avoidance: Technical support takes up time and money. Keeping your customers satisfied and on your website can work wonders for your business. 

Learn more about internal site search with SoloSegment

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