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Google can't save you.
Improved customer experience can.

You can't rely on free traffic anymore.

For as long as you’ve had a website, you’ve relied on people searching Google and visiting your site for free. Many of those searchers visited your site, clicked around for a bit, and then returned to Google.

But so long as you weren’t paying for them, that loss didn’t matter. You could be content with them searching in Google again and maybe returning to your site, or not.
google can't save you

Google has changed the game.

Google’s new focus is to convert as much of the search traffic as it can to paid traffic. It has increased the number of ads, so that the first organic result is very far down the page. On mobile, often there are no free results at all until you scroll down the results page. This means that the B2B marketer is increasingly being forced to pay for formerly free traffic–or lose it.  Make the most of your traffic with anonymous personalization.

You must fight back with your customer experience.

If you have to pay more and more for the same traffic, then you can’t settle for the old casual relationship with Google. The one where your customers need five Google searches to bounce back and forth from your site to Google to progress their buyers journey. Or maybe where they eventually land on your competitor’s site.

Once they come to your site, you need to hold onto them. That means providing such a good experience that they will come directly back to your site next time without needing to visit Google first.
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Good customer experience generates more leads.

Good customer experience is successful site search.

Imagine going to Amazon and navigating to find what you need. It would feel slow, probably even silly. You know Amazon’s search is powerful–it’s one of the reasons you order from them. Search can be an easy and effective customer experience. You know that your customers search Google to find your site. Why do you think that they suddenly don’t search when they come to your site? Because you have taught them that your site search is awful. They bounce back to search in Google rather than waste their time using your lousy site search. If you want to hang onto customers, you need to let them search on your site–and succeed. That’s why we offer an AI-driven site search experience.

Good customer experience is relevant content recommendation.

Amazon recommends related products–over 30% of their sales come from these recommendations, not from what the shopper originally searched for. Expedia always offers you a rental car, a hotel, and site-seeing opportunities with your airline ticket. What do you do to prompt customers to see the content that helps them with their task? 

If you aren’t recommending where else they go, you are missing the boat. You don’t have to be Amazon and spend millions on perfecting site search. You just need to be significantly better than your sleepy competitors who haven’t caught up yet. It’s not possible for humans to plan out every content journey and then make recommendations on the spot, but it is for AI. Learn more about our anonymous personalization.

Increasing marketing yield means increasing leads.

Many B2B marketers don’t know how to track leads from their origin, so they don’t know what marketing is working and what isn’t. They also might not know what the leads are actually worth, meaning they don’t know what to spend on marketing, even when it works.

Marketing solutions should be able to identify not who your customers are but what they want to accomplish. You need to be able to track how your customers move through your site and offer suggestions. This is now possible with AI, and requires zero human intervention. Anonymous data plus AI allows you to create a superior customer experience and generate leads. That’s exactly what our technology does.
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