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Your Site Search is Terrible (Probably)

Take a look at the cover art for this post.  Chances are, this is how a good portion of your customers feel when they try to search for what they need on your site!   

Think about it…you can’t expect your customers to know exact item numbers, full product names with correct formatting, or your taxonomy.  It’s up to your site search engine to help understand their questions and guide your visitors to the best answers.

Consider this, even though the entire concept of “internet search” and “googling” are synonymous, the reality is: site search technology and web search technology are light years apart when it comes to delivering successful results. 

In fact, most site search tech is outdated, inefficient, and “dumb”, and nearly 70% of most on-site searches fail to deliver successful results!

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How Bad Site Search Hurts Your Business

When customers can’t find what they need, a lot of bad things can happen quickly:

  • Customers leave your site and head over to Google to try to find the answer they need.
  • They leave your site again!  This time, checking out your competitors to see if they can help.
  • Customers become frustrated by the bad experience – souring your relationship.
  • They get frustrated and start flooding your support channels.
  • The time, expertise, and investment in all that advertising and content creation go to waste!

That’s right, bad site search leads to missed sales opportunities and increased costs for support and marketing!

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Why Should Your Business Invest in Smarter Site Search

That’s easy – Engagement and Buying Intent!

Think about it…who is a Site Searcher?  It’s a visitor on your site who knows what they want and thinks you have that thing.  They are motivated, engaged, and want to do business with you!  All you have to do is point them in the right direction.

  • Site searchers are 87% more likely to respond to marketing goals than non-searchers.
  • Site Searchers are 43% more likely to buy — and in some cases a lot more (up to 600%) than non-searchers.

Better site search helps improve customer engagement, increase conversions, generate revenue, improve marketing yield, and lower support costs.  Site search is your hidden growth engine.

Want to know more? Download our eBook, “The Hidden Value of OnSite Search”  or reach out and talk to one of our Search Experts.

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