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Site Search Grows Sales

On Site Search is Your Company’s Best Salesperson

Here’s a scenario for you: think about your company’s absolute, cream of the crop, top salesperson.  The sales leader who crushes it every time, no matter the challenge.  The person that develops powerful connections with customers, beginning with their very first interaction. The salesperson who gets their prospects to open up and share their deepest concerns; telling your salesperson everything you’d want to know about how to help them — and how you can sell them what they need.

But…instead of listening to your amazing salesperson, you ignore everything they’ve learned and want to share with you about your customers.

Don't Ignore Site Search


Boldly, you say…

“Nah, I already know what our customers want. I have decks, spreadsheets, and client profiles.

I’m not interested in providing a better experience for these prospects. I’m not curious about their needs. I don’t care what they’ve told you.”




That would be ridiculous, right? And yet, if you’re like most companies, you’re probably doing this every single day!

You may have guessed that your company’s best sales tool is, of course, your website.  But who is this brilliant salesperson who knows what matters most to your prospects and leads? It’s your On Site Search engine!  

Everyday, your most engaged customers are literally typing into that box exactly what they’re looking for and how you can help them.  Paying attention to what your customers tell you in those searches will make a difference, and will absolutely help boost your abillity to reach your conversion and sales goals.

Why does search matter so much?

It’s no secret that customers conduct the vast majority of their research online these days. In fact, data strongly suggests that most customers are more than 70 percent along the way to a decision before they get in touch with your sales team.  Plus, research shows that website visitors who search are between 43% and 600% (!) more likely to purchase than those who don’t.  Your website is — or ought to be, anyway — a 24/7/365 salesperson; always ready to help answer any question your prospects might have.

So what is your best salesperson telling you?

If you haven’t been paying attention to your Site Search data, here are three critical things you may have missed:

  • What matters most to your customers.
  • How well you’re answering their questions.
  • Whether your content works — that is, whether your content moves customers closer to a purchase, or not.

Here’s where our cynical guy from earlier might say: “Ok, great, more data?  So what?”  Well, there’s so much you can do with Site Search data!  And all of it can be used to improve the experience you provide your customers, and directly (positively!) impact your ability to boost sales. 

  1. Use search data to understand the questions your customers ask. What are the most common queries on your website search? What are potential customers looking for? Do you know what matters to them?
  2. Determine your content’s effectiveness at answering customer questions. When visitors go to your site search, do they find the right answer? Do they click through to the right page, engage with your content, and connect with your calls-to-action? Do they return to the search results looking for a better answer? Or do they leave altogether, never to return?
  3. Track product marketing effectiveness. Are you seeing a rise in the frequency of searches for specific products? Do those changes mirror your marketing activities? Are you moving customers closer to contacting your sales team or the point of purchase?
  4. Match content to customer intent. Are you prepared to use this data to shape your content marketing and create more effective messaging? Can you tailor your search results to drive customers to the most appropriate content that meets their needs? How can you personalize the overall experience to improve connection and conversion?

There are many companies who are using site search data to answer these questions and suggest appropriate next steps to close the sale. Still, others find their website search often isn’t much better than a “random webpage generator”. Many more might be monitoring site search data, but don’t know how to improve conversions by putting that data to work.   

Are you listening to your best salesperson?  Are you even looking at this data at all?

Better Site Search improves conversions, drives revenue, and provides a better experience for your most enaged customers. Want to know more? Download our eBook, “The Hidden Value of OnSite Search” and please, drop us a line -we’d love to help improve your company’s site search.

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