SearchChat Podcast: Gartner Predicts the Death of Personalization

Gartner’s prediction that personalization will be dead by 2025 was an attention grabbing headline Gartner Predicts 80% of Marketers Will Abandon Personalization Efforts by 2025 If consumers increasingly expect companies to know them, how can this be?

Steve Zakur breaks down the drivers of the assertion as being primarily the challenges posed with personal data.  As consumers have become “ad blind” to personalized emails and businesses don’t want the responsibility for customer’s personal data management, it seems likely personalization would be abandoned by marketers.

Steve explains that a personalized experience, like SoloSegment’s GuideBox provides, can deliver a personal experience without relying on personal data. 

As personalization as we’ve known it dies (and maybe sooner than 2025) there emerges a new opportunity to create relevant customer experiences that could show customers that you “know” them without knowing their personal information. This can be of particularly high value in the B2B space where the buying cycle is long and many different players participate in the customer journey.

Adapting quickly to changes as discussed in SearchChat Podcast: Marketers Succeed at What They Rehearse – SoloSegment is important in responding to an ever changing environment.  Executing proof of concepts with different layers of the MarTech stack as Gartner suggests, allows marketers to prove out value before making big investments.

0:00 Intro

1:52 Gartner predicts the death of personalization

13:55 Why personalization without personal information matters

16:12 The future of personalization for B2B marketers, creating relevant customer experiences

22:26  Experimentation at different layers of the MarTech stack

25:55 Outro

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