SearchChat Podcast: Making Data-Driven Marketing More Human

It’s time for marketers to put humanity back in their marketing practices. Today for SearchChat, Steve Zakur and I discuss first whether you should be worried about government regulation. It seems some marketers have their head in the sand that it will never be an issue, others have their “paranoid” dial turned up to 13. People who have been giving away their data for free are tired of being abused. There’s an unease and distrust around privacy because that trust has been repeatedly violated. Is it the end of data-driven marketing, or does marketing need to get smarter?

We also talk about how White Hat vs Black hat isn’t just for SEO. Think about data usage. When you use personal data, are you trying to game the system or are you providing a benefit? It comes down to asking what the person would think about it, and if they are benefiting.

Meanwhile, we’re rolling our eyes at Zuckerberg’s latest take on Facebook and data privacy. Maybe Facebook doesn’t need the government to tell them how to better regulate — they need to better self-regulate. Has Facebook even earned a seat at the table?

Lastly, In Marketing Charts, B2B marketing leaders point out faults in the marketing message they get. All this and more, coming to you on SearchChat.

0:00 Intro

1:55 Government regulation — is it a threat to data-driven marketing?

7:10 Humanize data-driven marketing

15:07 The disingenuity of Zuckerberg’s Op-Ed

20:40 What content do B2B leaders find important?

27:25 Outtro

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