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B2B Marketers have been misled

B2B Marketers have been misled A few weeks ago, I attended a RevTech conference. I’m as interested as the next B2B marketer in this topic and I wondered if I could pick up some pointers. What I witnessed was presentation…

Marketing and MarTech: What’s your approach?

A few years ago, Scott Brinker and the Third Door Media team declared that MarTech is marketing. There is no difference between marketing technology like personalization and just plain marketing. It used to be you’d ask the question “Tell me…


MartTech East 2019 Wrap-up

I thought I'd just capture a few thoughts on MarTech East 2019. This summary isn't representative of the conference, it's representative of my experience at the conference. This was my first MarTech East. It was an excellent conference for practitioners…

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