SearchChat Podcast: Data Is Not a Moat for Your Business. What Is?

If a moat is an uncrossable chasm, then data may not be a moat. No amount of data can make it impossible for the competition to catch up. But it could be an inconvenience to the competition who is trying to climb your walls.

The struggle is that there is very little data a company can capture that other companies can’t capture. Everyone has access to third party data, but maybe first party data can slow the enemy down a bit. There is also an interesting counter-argument: that massive databases, real-time response and hyper-personalized experiences do actually make that difference.

In this episode Steve and I explore how data is like oil: it makes the engine run. But data as a differentiator is not the game. The game is, what do you do with the data?

We also explore how Word is now incorporating AI-based features to improve writing within Word. As I like to say — all data is training data. Never to be totally one-upped on the AI game, Google also dropped an interesting release: CallJoy, which allows small businesses to answer calls using AI.

This is a big deal. The more that we can make this technology visible in practical ways, the more trust there will be in the technology in more sophisticated ways.

0:00 Intro

2:00 The empty promise of data moats

13:30 Counter-argument: data as differentiator

20:05 Word is using AI to Improve your writing

25:05 Google launches CallJoy

31:50 Outro

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