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Female Scientist In Lab Coat Checking Artificial Neurons Connect

Must Marketers be Data Scientists?

Big data is having big effects on content marketing, nowhere more than in its ability to make sense of the complexity of human language. Understanding data science is necessary for agile marketing in 2019. Here's how marketers can utilize data…

Fear and Loathing in Search IT

Don’t let bad onsite search catch you by surprise - fix it now. The biggest challenge in corporate IT is managing the never-ending list of equally important priorities. This requires what I’ve always referred to as “ruthless prioritization”; yes there…

Search Improvement is helped with A/B Testing

Five Ways to Improve Onsite Search

If you're working to improve your onsite search it's sometimes difficult to know what's working and what's not. You do a bunch of stuff -- modify settings, change the user experience -- and measure the outcome. If search success is…

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