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SoloSegment announced today its acquisition of Thematically’s artificial intelligence models and underlying assets, marketed as Thematically Discover, further cementing the company’s position as the leader in B2B behavior-based personalization.

SoloSegment, founded in 2015, is a SaaS marketing technology company that provides B2B enterprises a robust, scalable content engagement engine that predicts the goals of customers and determines what content they need to see to achieve that goal. SoloSegment’s E4 prediction engine, built with its deep experience in machine learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and predictive analytics, delivers leading-edge behavior-based personalization without the need for any personal information.

“We’re thrilled to more deeply embed Thematically’s AI models into our E4 prediction engine. Because we’ve worked with Thematically for several years, we’ve already integrated the core Thematically APIs into our GuideBox and SearchBox products to produce better, more targeted results for our customers—and help them deliver outstanding experiences for their customers too,” explained SoloSegment CEO Steve Zakur. “This is an exciting next step in our product’s evolution.”

SoloSegment makes it possible for large enterprise B2B clients to deliver engaging customer experiences using AI-based technologies that measure the effectiveness of their websites and guide visitors to goals that increase conversions. A spokesperson for the company said they expect to complete the final integration of Thematically’s core technologies into its products within 90 days.

“This is a great outcome for us,” said Andrew Stavisky, Founder and CEO of Thematically. “Our topic discovery product has been used with several large companies on many kinds of content, but our previous work with SoloSegment has convinced us that web content classification is what customers want the most”

Thematically’s technology has been incorporated into SoloSegment’s MatchBox product.

More information about the products and services SoloSegment provides can be found at the company website.

You can learn more about how you can use machine learning and artificial intelligence to personalize your website’s content in SoloSegment’s new ebook, “The Six Personalization Truths Every B2B Marketer Needs to Know Right Now.”

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