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Onsite search is the most underrated and underfunded part of the sales process. Up to 50 percent of customers use site search–but most companies don’t have resources dedicated to improving their search. A significant part of the problem is that many decision makers are confused by site search and don’t know where to start.

In this free 60 minute webinar, four site search experts discuss:

  • The importance and value of site search
  • Ways to assess your company’s site search
  • Approaches to improve your company’s site search

SoloSegment CEO Steve Zakur and Chief Strategist Mike Moran have worked in search for decades and join this webinar to share crucial insights on measuring and improving your site search. SoloSegment specializes in measuring site search analytics to help clients measure their site search and use those measurements to significantly improve their conversions and sales.

If you only have 5 minutes to spare, skip ahead to 26:10 where Mike provides two compelling answers about site search value.

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