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SearchChat Podcast: Your Customers are Begging for (Better) Personalization

In today’s episode of SearchChat, Steve Zakur and I tackle the TopRank blog and what skills B2B content marketers need to have. How do you take those people coming in the front door, the first interaction on your site, and engage them so it’s not the last page they look at? At the end of the day — no matter what your marketing techniques are, if you can’t measure them, you don’t know for sure how much they even mattered.

We also discuss the Mary Meeker trends report and what it says about your data. Data is now fundamental to help people work, and the most successful companies have intelligently integrated it into everyone’s daily workflow. We talked about this last month on whether data is a moat — SearchChat Podcast: Data Is Not a Moat for Your Business. What Is? When used properly, data can improve customer satisfaction. And here’s some powerful data — a survey of retail customers shows that 91% prefer brands that provide personalized offers / recommendations.

Meanwhile, many businesses are struggling to implement data — as a new study showed 41% of shoppers say that most personalized messages still feel like mass marketing. Those messages, they feel, were not created with their specific needs in mind. Lastly, we discuss the three trends driving the second golden age of martech. Instead of marketing cloud suites vs. best-of-breed point solutions, we can have the best of both.

0:00 Intro

2:00 Must-have skills for B2B content marketers, and why measurement is so crucial to the role

9:00 Mary Meeker trends report: what does it say about your data?

16:30 Personalized messages still feel like mass marketing

25:10 3 trends driving the second golden age of martech

29:00 Outtro

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