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SearchChat Podcast: Key Marketing Lessons from MarTech East

Steve and I spent time together recently at both a Red Sox game but more importantly, at MarTech East in Boston. The shift in conversation was wildly fascinating: the focus seemed to be personalization, privacy, and security.

When it comes to personalization, people are finally seeming to focus less on the shiny objects and more on the fundamental issues: what are my problems and how does tech enable me to solve them?

Meanwhile to complete those needs companies seem to still be addicted to personal information, whether or not it’s what’s working for their customers. We talk about how this is a dangerous path to be on.

An interesting takeaway this year was from Scott Brinker, on the maturity curve of marketing technology and it’s 3 phases. You need to get the benefits of centralized control, but without losing effectiveness.

Lastly, there was much conversation about agile. We know waterfall design is a mess. But agile can get messy too, and goals need to be changed to reward agile behavior. It’s a serious change from traditional objectives, but a necessary one.

0:00 Intro

1:45 Companies are addicted to personal information

10:15 3 Phases of marketing technology

17:15 Agile Marketing earns its place

27:15 Outro

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