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In today’s podcast episode Steve Zakur and I respond to a recent article that criticized anonymous data, with the main critique being that it isn’t really anonymous. If you can grab the IP address and dig further to find identities, is that really anonymous personalization? Our answer: not really, but that isn’t what anonymous data really is. 

So what truly is anonymous data, and when is it appropriate to bring that data into the forefront in your discussions with customers? We coin and explain the phrase “appropriately anonymous” to give our take. Anonymous data isn’t pulling personal information, then dropping the “personal” parts of it, (as if you could just intentionally forget information about your visitors). It’s pulling from new types of data altogether.

Check out the latest podcast episode on anonymous behavior-based personalization.

0:00 Intro

1:40 Anonymous data: is it anonymous?

9:51 Listen to GDPR. Skip personal info

14:21 What do B2B marketers need to tackle data?

25:23 Outro

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