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SearchChat Podcast: How AI Drives Value for Your Business

In this episode Steve Zakur and I are curious about the ways AI can be used to drive greater value for your company. We have our opinions about our own software of course, but this is a bigger question: how can you use AI to make your entire team and business smarter?

What companies need to think about right now is AI augmentation — augmenting decision making. Sometimes we’re thinking way too big about AI, instead of in a targeted fashion about what it can do for us now. This is the importance of practical AI.

A ChiefMartec piece recently asked if martech stack utilization is a misguided metric. If your stack is disconnected from value, it might be. Make sure the value is measurable and make sure the data can integrate. Does that end result provide value?

When what you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. You can’t look to the stack to save you in every situation. Good stacks are important, but if you aren’t pointing your marketing stack in the right direction or thinking about what you need it to do for you, you’re going to struggle.

0:00 Intro

1:50 The rise of practical AI

12:35 Stack utilization is a misguided metric

21:05 The stack won’t save you

29:00 Outro

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