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Time and time again we see that people are uncomfortable with the ways companies are using third party data. GDPR was just the beginning. The latest move representing the new wave is Google’s recent adoption of ITP. This podcast episode tackles the move from personal data into anonymous data through behavior-based personalization.

In this episode of SearchChat, Steve Zakur and I discuss the rise of ITP and the death of cookies. We cover what this means for your business and offer some guidelines on how you can make personalization work for you without personal data.

Tied in with GDPR and CCPA, we seem to be following along a path of regulatory frameworks looking to abandon use and abuse of personal data. How can the market respond? Steve and I argue not only is it going to become necessary to ditch personal information, you can replace it with smarter personalization tactics.

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0:00 Intro

2:15 Rise of ITP

11:35 How can the market respond?

17:30 What does reality look like from a data perspective?

23:26 Personalization without personal information

27:29 Outro

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