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SearchChat Podcast: AI in Marketing–Where Are We On The Hype Curve?

“Come on. All this AI stuff, around marketing and sales, that’s all just hype, right? That’s not a real thing that matters. Maybe it’ll matter someday. But it doesn’t yet matter today.”

That’s a question I got recently, and it got Steve Zakur and I wondering where we are on the hype curve. Is it really just all hype? Maybe not — platform companies are snapping up data scientists the way early internet companies snapped up web developers.

The real question might be “is there value in AI?” And that really comes down to what problems you want to solve, and what data you have to solve them. Do you really understand the business problem you want to solve?

Another question I get is how to know which AI tools are really valuable. Salespeople will try to fill in the gaps in your knowledge, but how do you know what brings you value? (Hint: you don’t need to be a data scientist, but someone on your team needs to be to really succeed.)

0:00 Intro

2:10 Is AI all Hype?

12:05 Knowing what AI tools are really valuable

15:30 What business problem are you actually trying to solve?

19:55 Expectations

26:10 Outro

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