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There’s a serious need for changing the way we deal with customer data. How you can use data and still maintain a good relationship with your customers, even among the distrust? We also take a look at who has failed at that, so you can learn what not to do. Take a listen.

First: There’s a data backlash coming. Steve and I discuss Scott Monty who wrote recently on preparing for the gathering storm. We’ve all seen talk about the tech backlash, with firms like Amazon, Google, and Facebook in the cross-hairs of pundits and government officials. That’s centered around their consolidated power and use of data. And it’s a topic that deserves consideration. The backlash I’m predicting is a different one. It’s rooted less in operations and more in culture.

Is there a role for government in this? Google recently abandoned their “don’t be evil” motto and seems now… fine with being evil? More than half of the nation’s state attorneys general are readying an investigation into Google for potential antitrust violations

Meanwhile, who is doing data poorly? Instagram’s latest assault on Snapchat is a messaging app called Threads. Facebook wants more of your data by turning Instagram into Snapchat. 

Lastly, after decades of a focus on short-term quarterly profits and outlandish pay packages, The Business Roundtable execs proclaim that maybe shareholders aren’t the sole beneficiaries of company’s actions.

What is the future of trust in digital marketing? Is it possible to personalize without creepy data? There’s so much that marketers need to learn from GDPR. At the end of the day, we need to make substantial changes to business models built on data for customers to trust not only your brand, but also businesses altogether.

0:00 Intro

2:30 Prepping for a gathering storm

7:05 What is the role for government? For marketers?

14:30 How not to do data: Instagram

17:40 Do stakeholders matter the most?

28:10 Outro

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