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Your Most Engaged Customers are Using Site Search

In this episode of SoloSegment SearchChat, hosts Tim Peter and SoloSegment CEO Steve Zakur share their thoughts on highly engaged and high intent customers – and how Site Search is where they’re looking when they’re trying to do business with you.

Join Tim and Steve as they discuss:

  • The fact that site searchers are your most qualified, highest buy-intent customers.
  • Why it’s not enough to make great content, you need to make sure your customers can find it.
  • Why your site search needs to be smarter and help you understand what happens after the search.
  • How bad site search is driving support costs – and how improving site search can save money.

Watch the video

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SearchChat is SoloSegment’s podcast dedicated to all things on-site search AI and content marketing related. Who is SoloSegment? We’re a technology company focused on innovating on-site search analytics and AI driven content discovery to improve search results, increase customer satisfaction and unlock revenue for your company. If you think we might have the answer to your conversion problems, feel free to connect with us.

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