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How MarTech is Failing B2B Marketers

We get a little disruptive in this episode of SearchChat. Co-hosts Tim Peter and SoloSegment CEO Steve Zakur talk about the unique challenges B2B marketers and B2B website/stack “owners” face when it comes to driving traffic, engaging prospects in journeys, and ultimately, converting those clicks and interactions.

Join Tim and Steve as they talk about:

  • The reasons why so many martech solutions simply don’t work for large, B2B sites
  • How martech tools separate and isolate your content, making it harder for your customers to connect with you.
  • Why intelligent tools (like Site Search) that focus on behavior instead of personal data, are better; and represent the future of B2B marketing tools.

Watch the video

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SearchChat is SoloSegment’s podcast dedicated to all things on-site search AI and content marketing related. Who is SoloSegment? We’re a technology company focused on innovating on-site search analytics and AI-driven content discovery to improve search results, increase customer satisfaction and unlock revenue for your company. If you think we might have the answer to your conversion problems, feel free to connect with us.

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