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The Conversational Website

In this Episode of SearchChat, co-hosts Tim Peter and SoloSegment CEO Steve Zakur discuss the concept of “The Conversational Website”, and how content, chat, and site search can work together to create a better overall customer experience, and drive business results.

Join Tim and Steve as they talk about:

  • What “Conversational Websites” are, and why it matters for large, B2B sites.
  • How B2B websites struggle to connect users to content.
  • Why most SERP pages seem more like suggestions and lucky guesses.
  • Chatbots – a solid idea, but their range is extremely limited
  • Why ignoring website traffic = ignoring sales opportunities
  • How Smarter Site Search helps connect content with successful visitor behavior.

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SearchChat is SoloSegment’s podcast dedicated to all things on-site search AI and content marketing related. Who is SoloSegment? We’re a technology company focused on innovating on-site search analytics and AI-driven content discovery to improve search results, increase customer satisfaction and unlock revenue for your company. If you think we might have the answer to your conversion problems, feel free to connect with us.

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