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This past year, the demand for website personalization is at an all-time high.

According to a 2019 Lytics white paper, two-thirds of customers want brands to adjust content based on their real-time context. Over 40% are annoyed if you don’t. And another two-thirds of those said they skip making a purchase out of annoyance. Successful B2C personalization has become the expectation.

That’s not just a problem for retail.

The Future of B2B Website Personalization

Marketing’s future is not just about knowing about your customer’s identity. That dream is slowly being killed off by companies like Facebook abusing their power, getting marketers slapped with legal restraints. GDPR and ITP have only added to the rise of the data privacy retaliation. Marketers were reckless with personal data and are paying the price.

But you have far more data than that. You have the potential for behavior-based personalization. Track what buyers come to your site and their buyer’s journey — what content they click through to reach a conversion — and you’ll get a guide for content suggestions.

The B2B World is Lagging Behind

B2C took the lead on personalization. Meanwhile too many B2B marketers are either early on in the process, or so behind that getting started feels daunting. According to the Seismic report, of the B2B marketers who responded, 55% have been personalizing content for two years or less. For a little over half of marketers, the main stumbling blocks are a lack of technology, bandwidth, and data.

Marketers making B2B content personalization harder for themselves than it needs to be. 67% are using entirely or mostly manual processes for content personalization. With a little automation plus the data on your website, you could be leading the pack.

B2B Buyers Expect Better

All signs point to B2B buyers being let down. In a SalesForce report, 65% of B2B buyers switch brands if a brand doesn’t personalize communications. 75% expect companies to “anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions” by 2020. This means the future we are headed in is one of B2B content personalization and recommendation, of curated and responsive personalization.

You can get started in B2B personalization. You already have more data than you think — all of your website analytics. Behavior-based personalization is waiting. It’s just a matter of taking the dive.

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Updated June 2021

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