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Your content marketing is too valuable to waste

How findable is the content on your site? If the answer is that you aren’t sure — you may have a problem. And you aren’t alone. Many marketers spend great lengths of time on content marketing. But a lot of that content goes unread. The main problem is that the people you want to read it can’t find it.

B2B content is just as vital

When we talk to B2B content creators they often lament the fact that their content — especially blog posts on corporate websites — seems to be a lone voice in the wilderness. Their point of view is expressed and then lost for all of time. The metrics make depressingly clear the irrelevance of the effort.

In B2B where a purchase is a group decision, this is an even greater concern. There are multiple decision makers that need to weigh in. It’s all the more important to have a wide variety of relevant content available that is accessible to the right people, at the right time in their journey.

Buyers crave personalization

The more you can direct individuals to content that addresses their business or functional concerns the more likely they are to buy. Infosys research suggests 31% of customers say they wish their shopping experience was far more personalized than it currently is, and 74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized.

Personalization becomes key.

A recent report from Seismic shows that personalized content helps achieve B2B objectives. 80% of respondents claimed all of their top objectives were better met when content is personalized. But many marketers avoid engaging in it because it is such a manual process.

The step ahead: automation

Automation is one way to abandon the tedious and sometimes futile work of hand-crafting content experiences and customer journeys. Behavior-based content recommendation suggests the next content piece to a viewer based on where they are at in their journey. Content can not only be found and used to answer questions, but is also offered at the moment it’s most needed.

Content marketing isn’t enough. You need content findability. You need a well cultivated content experience. Is your content well segmented for each user’s needs? Does your blog have sections so the content can be navigated? And with many different products, decision-makers and questions, you may need to bring automation to content. Otherwise, you risk your valuable content vanishing into the blogroll.

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