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If your business is looking to increase website engagement, you have various resources to turn to. Whether you have a large content inventory or a relatively smaller website, there are plenty of steps to improve website engagement and experience quantifiable results. 

The Benefits of Increased Website Engagement 

Businesses that increase website engagement see various benefits across their organization. Some of the benefits of website engagement include: 

  • A better customer experience: Deliver the content your visitors want.  
  • More return visitors: satisfied visitors will return for future sessions.  
  • Buyer journey progression: Engaging content that speaks to buyers will solve their problems and help progress them through the buying process.  
  • Higher lead quality and more revenue: Valuable buyer journeys will convert to qualified leads and ultimately drive more revenue for your business.

How to Increase Website Engagement

In the simplest terms, B2B companies can increase their website engagement by ensuring website visitors find content that is relevant to them. 

Therefore, your website must have effective onsite search and personalized content that is relevant to prospects. When your website content checks both of these boxes, you’ll address the buyers’ needs and successfully lead them through the buying process. But research shows that most companies struggle to identify more than about 15% of their website visitors.

High-quality, personalized content is an absolute must. But, if website visitors are struggling to find this content, then what value does it deliver? 

Not only do you need an onsite search, but you must also guarantee that your search successfully displays the right results. Businesses that invest in premier onsite search improve their website ROI, improve the customer experience, and increase leads. 

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Improve Website Engagement with Personalized Content 

Once a prospect finds content relevant to their interests and pain points, they’ll be more likely to engage with that content and progress through their buying process. Websites that effectively use personalized content can see up to a 139% increase in website engagement, as our customers have discovered. 

SoloSegment GuideBox™ provides anonymous, behavior-based personalization to drive your business forward. Discover how your business can improve website engagement and conversion through website personalization. Learn more about personalized content with SoloSegment GuideBox

Website Engagement in a Changed World

If you’re struggling with website engagement today, don’t fret. That’s normal; many businesses struggle with engagement because they don’t know who is visiting their site. However, companies can still engage, connect, and convert website visitors even when they don’t know who the visitors are. 

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