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The future is anonymous: B2B buyer with obscured features to represent anonymous browsing behavior

As B2B marketers, our dreams are filled with the website engagement capabilities of our consumer facing counterparts. Sadly, we’ve convinced ourselves that 50% bounce rates are our lot. That the only valuable visitors are those who hit landing pages. Everyone else is just flotsam on the surface of the web.

That’s a bit jaded. But when you look at where we spend our time and money, it’s all on the top-of-funnel. SEO and SEM. Paid and earned media. Our measurements are all about campaign open rates, responses, and visitor growth. Sure, MQLs. But did you see my visitor growth? And that campaign response rate? Wow!

But what about everyone else who comes to the website? Do we really care about the unwashed masses who didn’t see our great creative or scintillating copy? Sure we do. But it’s so hard to figure out just what they want. They didn’t respond to the new product feature email, they just showed up on a random page. How are we supposed to know what they heck they want?

Very few visitors are addressable with traditional personalization tech. SoloSegment’s data shows that up to 85% of B2B website visitors are not identifiable in ways that allow traditional personalization to segment them. Account Based Marketing (ABM) tech helps to solve some of this problem by sussing out the company that employs a visitor but that’s an imperfect science and only gets you another 10-20 points of addressable visitors.

What you really need is a way to address the anonymous masses. Regulations and browser changes, and public opinion on this matter, are only going to make it more difficult to identify folks. The future is going to be anonymous regardless of how Google tries to take advantage of the horde of data we’ve given them over the past decades. So what are you to do?

Join me at 12:30 pm ET on March 17th at the free to attend Martech Conference and I’ll share three data sources that you can easily get access to in order to engage anonymous visitors on your B2B website. I’ll be hanging around after the call for questions and you can always just shoot me an email.

I look forward to connecting.

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