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Your prospects expect your content and website to speak directly to their needs. When they arrive on your site, they want to feel that you understand their pain points and have the tools and expertise to solve those problems with timely success. 

So, how does your business accomplish this task? It’s especially challenging when you consider the different types of prospects that come to your site and how little you actually know about them.

Behavior-based website personalization is the key to personalized website content. Website personalization will empower your business to engage prospects more effectively and increase the likelihood of them progressing through the buying process as customers. 

Create a Personalized Website Experience with Behavior-Based Personalization 

Behavior-based website personalization collects anonymous data that allows you to effectively provide prospects with the content and information they need. 

Behavior-based website personalization relies on the behavior and measurable actions of site visitors to determine their intent and direct them toward their goal. For example, an onsite search engine is a valuable tool where site visitors tell you their goals and what they need from your website. 

By analyzing the behavior patterns of site visitors and using this data to recommend content, SoloSegment GuideBox™ automatically improves your website visitor’s customer experience. SoloSegment GuideBox™ also gathers information about intent, context, and content to better hone recommendations. All this data is taken to help create the best experience for that individual site visitor.

Benefits of Website Personalization 

Improved Website Engagement 

B2B websites that implement personalized content see increased website engagement, leading to more high-quality visitors and sessions. Improved website engagement can reduce bounce rate, page exits, and decrease the number of dissatisfied website visitors. 

Increase Revenue 

Improved website engagement through personalized content additionally can increase your website’s revenue by delivering more effective — and more successful — buyer journeys. B2B organizations using anonymous, behavior-based website and content personalization often drive between a 5-15% increase in revenue.

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Behavior-based Website Personalization with SoloSegment GuideBox 

Of course, customers increasingly care about protecting their personal information. And personalizing your website can present a number of challenges when it comes to privacy. These can include regulation, ad blockers, or a general lack of data about your site visitors. Whatever the cause, they represent a headache for your team. However, there’s a better way. SoloSegment GuideBox™  personalizes the website experience without sacrificing user privacy. 

Our tools use AI and anonymous data to provide a personalized website experience for site visitors without compromising user privacy. SoloSegment GuideBox™  helps enterprise companies with extensive content inventories generate more qualified leads using their existing content and existing customer behavioral data. Want to know how you can do this for your website? 
Learn more about how you can drive similar success for your website today.

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