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COVID-19 doesn't have to ruin your B2B pipeline

The second quarter is often the peak time for you and other large enterprise B2B marketers to be out at events telling your stories to prospects. Due to COVID-19, we’re seeing many cancellations in industry events during 2Q. The few events that continue on will no doubt be sparsely attended due to travel restrictions at the very companies with which you want to connect. Does this mean the death of your pipeline for 2020 business? It doesn’t if you’re able to get a disproportionately larger output from your other sources of leads.

The economic impact of COVID-19 is certainly a body blow to your plans. But there are many tools left in your toolbox that can be put to good use. Your sales reps will certainly need to rely upon traditional leadgen methods harvesting the best opportunities from things like your digital ad spend. The other tool that will have to contribute above and beyond is your website. Is it prepared to do so?

Large enterprise websites have for a long time struggled to deliver engaging experiences. Lack of engagement leads to a lack of results. You’re probably not seeing great engagement on your site either. You no longer have the luxury of accepting this reality. It’s time for your website to pull its weight.

One of the biggest challenges in improving engagement is that large enterprise B2B website visitors are largely anonymous so they stymie traditional engagement technologies. Your personalization engine needs personal information to work. If 60-80% of your visitors are anonymous, personalization doesn’t do its job. What if you had a B2B personalization technology that could automatically engage visitors using insight from anonymous data?

SoloSegment GuideBox uses AI to identify what a visitor is trying to accomplish and connect them with content that allows them to succeed. All this works with an easy-to-deploy technology and gets you results fast. Within 30 days the engine is providing recommendations that can increase engagement by up to 139%. More engagement, more funnel progression. Visitors find what they’re looking for, get the information (e.g. the whitepaper, case study, or contact form) that allows them to progress, and drives more revenue.

Improve your customer engagement

If you’re not getting what you need out of your B2B personalization engine, it’s time to think about technologies that deliver results. It’s time for your website to pull its weight. Covid doesn’t have to ruin your B2B pipeline. Contact us and let us help you succeed. And check out our new ebook that outlines the “Six Personalization Realities B2B Marketers Need to Know Right Now” to see how you can put personalization to work for your business.

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