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Digital transformation is all around us–no company can escape. Most companies recognize this, and focus on managing the change in an effective way. But then there are others that think they can avoid digital.

I have been in meetings with clients in which I patiently explained all the forces buffeting their business and what they needed to do to at least cope. (They weren’t ready to compete.) And, on many occasions, I heard excuse after excuse for why they can’t make the needed changes.

My favorite was the time that the manager leaned back in his chair and said, “We understand what you are saying, but it’s just not in our DNA.” I leaned forward and reminded them, “You know that your company can get new DNA, right?”

Six months later, I heard that the manager was let go. When companies avoid change management, eventually they change management.

Don’t let this happen to you. Maybe you think you can ride this out. Maybe you think that digital is coming. It’s not coming. It arrived quite a while ago. (I wrote recently that you can’t even be a marketer without now being a data scientist). If you think digital is coming, you are going.

Instead of waiting to get disruption, you should be figuring out how you can disrupt. I especially see this change avoidance in my largest clients. Instead of trying to avoid the changes, it’s time to embrace them. (Give them a big hug.)

Big companies fail to realize that they have an advantage in digital that upstarts lack–data.

AI has changed the game–large companies are sitting on gobs of data that AI can analyze to find patterns that unlock huge return on investment.

Instead of letting that data lay fallow, it’s time to start using it to unlock the value that AI can bring. To do that, you need to change.

Change, or get changed out. Your choice.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, connect with us and see how we can help.

Originally posted on Biznology

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