How’s your internal SEO?

Are you ignoring your internal SEO?


I have no idea what you’re talking about.

You’re not alone. If you’re like most companies, your site search engine doesn’t help you close the deal. Search results are awful. As many as 75% of searchers don’t find the right content.

Visitors search. A lot.

Internal SEO is a thing whether you manage it or not. Visitors, well-trained by their B2C lives, want to find information they think will help them and they use your search engine. Your search engine lets them down.

Your site’s organic results matter.

You’d never let that happen on Google. You compete aggressively to win every important keyword so prospects end up on your website. So, why do you let them down once they get there? They’re more likely to want what you have. They’re more likely to convert. You’ve got them. Keep them.
"Is your website search engine a random web page generator? Harsh question, I know, but the search results for many website search engines appear almost random."
Mike Moran
Mike Moran
Search Engine Expert

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It’s the end of the world as we know it (for B2B Marketing)

End of the world. Hyperbole? Probably. But B2B Marketing does feel a bit broken right now.

The most important tools in our arsenal require people to meet people. That’s not happening. So what now? Where should your priorities be? Website engagement is an area to focus because it’s a good bet (see your analytics data) your prospects are going digital.

Marketers Can’t Stop Talking About Site Search Failure

I’ve had dozens of discussions with marketing professionals as part of a product roadmap listening tour. My goal is to hear what’s top of mind for thought leaders, understand the pain points, and figure out how to align our product and our marketing messages with what I’m hearing. While most of the conversation focused around our new product thesis: effective visitor journeys and customer experience powered by behavior-based personalized content recommendation, people couldn’t help but talk about site search failure.

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    Clarke had it right, AI is magic

    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

    Arthur C Clarke

    It seems like AI has been on everyone’s minds lately. It definitely has been on ours, as Tim Peter and I spoke on AI on our latest podcast. AI has been particularly hyped up, with plenty of big ideas emerging about what it can do for website owners. But I’m fearing, that like blockchain, we’re heading for Gartner’s fabled Trough of Disillusionment if we’re not there already. AI can’t solve all your business problems, though there are those that are well suited with the tools that are available today. But like any solution you have to have a valuable problem and the right approach to applying the solution.

    SearchChat Podcast: Budget Season Survival Guide

    Not enough marketers take advantage of the other kind of search — the one on your own website. Few companies budget for it, while budgeting for content without a second thought. We’ve talked about the cost of value before. But when they search, can visitors even find the content they need on your site?

    Warning: You’re ignoring your company’s best salesperson

    Here’s a scenario for you: imagine you have an amazing salesperson who develops a deep connection with customers, beginning with their very first interaction. Even better, these prospects share their deepest concerns, telling your salesperson everything you’d want to know about how to help them — and how you can sell them what they need.

    It’s not your search engine, it’s you(r improvement program)

    Back in April I wrote about the two things you can do to improve your site search. Those are two things among many options you have available to you as you seek to keep visitors on your website and help them achieve the task at hand. Of course, one thing you can consider is a search engine replacement. Better technology has an allure. However, it shouldn’t be the place you start.

    How does your search customer experience treat your visitors?

    This morning I had to log on to United Airlines’ website to request a refund for accommodations from a recent overnight flight delay. Surprisingly there is no form specifically for this type of request on the site. I struggled with a bit of cognitive dissonance on how to fit my request in the standard fields where one might complain about rude service or a poorly maintained restroom.

    Needless to say, I didn’t come away from the experience with a favorable opinion of United or its process. This at a time when they should be trying to take a bad situation (my original overnight delay) and turn it into something awesome. It didn’t help that there were errors in their login process as well as an inexplicable refusal to load a 900KB JPG file that was both less than 1MB size limit and one of the approved file types.

    Am I less likely to return to because of this bad experience? No, I’ll be back. Fortunately for United, oligopolists can get away with poor service. Can you?