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4 Steps to Achieve Website Personalization at Scale

Website personalization means that people who visit your website - your potential customers - have an experience that is relevant to their behaviors or interests. Traditionally, marketers achieved personalization through simple segmentation, which allowed businesses to make generic correlations between…

The Benefits of Data-Driven Content Marketing

The Benefits of Data-Driven Content Marketing

As content marketing has been practiced today, it resembles custom publishing. Companies tell stories that romanticize their brand, distributing those stories through various channels and amplifying them through social media. Content marketing has come to be more akin to advertising.…

Coach Motivate To Personal Development, Personal And Career Grow

Meet Behavior-Based Content Recommendation

The new personalized approach to B2B content recommendation Understanding customer behavior is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to professionals. The right data that provides you with a glimpse into their intent will allow you to effectively connect…

themes in digital marketing

Themes in Digital Marketing

This year has started off strong on my end, but we’re also looking ahead towards what’s next. I’ve spent a fair amount of time talking to digital marketing professionals about what’s important to them, sharing some of our product roadmap,…

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