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SearchChat Podcast: Can You Do Personalization Without MarTech? Would You Want To?

Is martech marketing? Can you market without it? Do mature marketing organizations need to be including martech? 

In a recent blog post we mentioned that 67% of B2B companies doing personalization are either entirely or mostly using manual processes for content personalization. That’s an enormous amount of people engaging in manual processes instead of automation. Why does this happen?

Everybody who struggles with B2B personalization seems to struggle with 2 things:

  1. It’s going to be too expensive to configure, implement and keep up with this tech
  2. It’s too complex to implement or drive value from

We also recently learned from Salesforce data just how much people expect personalization. But it’s not just that they expect “personalization” — it’s that people still expect you to know them. That means you can understand their problems, and solve their problems. You have so many unique journeys — what are the end goals and how are people getting there?

The keys for today: focus, use your data, and measure goal achievement. You can make martech work.

0:00 Intro

1:45 Is Martech Marketing?

8:30 What’s the stumbling point for personalization

13:35 People expect personalziation

15:50 The problem is the grid

25:30 Wrap-up and outro

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