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B2B Personalization Truths: Hand selecting personalized option

Why You Need a B2B Website Personalization Strategy

Why You Need a B2B Website Personalization Strategy Personalized website experiences help consumers find the information, products, and services that meet their needs: boosting a company’s sales, revenues, and strengthening brand relationships. As the business environment grows more competitive, and…

SearchChat Podcast: Are Website Cookies Dead?

Time and time again we see that people are uncomfortable with the ways companies are using third party data. GDPR was just the beginning. The latest move representing the new wave is Google’s recent adoption of ITP. This podcast episode…

google is evil

SearchChat Podcast: Google Is Evil

Google’s business model was built on a symbiotic relationship between companies who want their content to be seen, and Google rewarding them for quality content. To be fair, this was so Google could sell ads, but it worked out well…

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