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If you are like most marketers, you’ve probably been salivating over personalizing your website for years. It has always seemed like a good idea, but you aren’t retail. You aren’t Amazon. Personalization has never seemed possible. If this sounds like your business, you may want to investigate behavior-based personalization.

Can B2B companies even personalize?

At first, you thought, “If Amazon can do it, we can do it!” But then your IT folks told you the way Amazon does it. Amazon has so many products and so many purchases in its history–and so many repeat visitors–that it is relatively simple to guess what people want. But your site isn’t like Amazon.

Then you thought, “Well, if we know something about our visitors, we can use that to personalize.” But no one wanted to register on your site, so you didn’t know who they were. And privacy regulations came along, and you weren’t sure you wanted to know anything. These are just several of a series of challenges that we outline in our new “Six Personalization Realities B2B Marketers Need to Know Right Now” ebook.

Does that mean that you have to give up the dream? No!

Behavior-driven personalization is possible

You actually can personalize using your visitors’ behavior. With the right technology, you can watch what visitors do on your site. With a bit more technology, you can find the patterns that lead them to success. And with one last dollop of tech, you can use that data to suggest successful paths to others on that same journey.

That’s the beauty of behavior-based personalization. It doesn’t require registrations. It’s GDPR-compliant, because it doesn’t require any personally-identifiable information. It doesn’t require a a slew of products or  return visitors. Or heavy traffic.

If you’ve been waiting for the easy way to add personalization to your site, it’s time to check out behavior-based personalization. SoloSegment offers tech solutions as well as website personalization consulting.

Improve your customer engagement

Looking for guidance? Connect with us and we can make your website as powerful as it needs to be right now. And don’t miss the “Six Personalization Truths B2B Marketers Need to Know Right Now” ebook we’ve put together to help you make personalization a reality for your business.

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