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Most businesses fail to identify 85% of their site visitors — or more!  As a business looking to increase revenue and attract more prospects, what can you do to increase visitor engagement and generate more leads? Consider delivering a better tailored, custom experience. One that truly connects with prospective new customers, and makes them feel as if you are speaking directly to their needs. Show them that your company understands their challenges and has the solution. 

When you offer visitors a personalized content experience, your website becomes even more effective at meeting (and exceeding) customer expectations -leading to longer, more valuable website interactions that ultimately drive more conversions and higher revenue.

So, what is personalized content anyway? Personalized content means that your site adapts to each visitor, and makes recommendations about the best content they can interact with when searching on your website.

B2B organizations that use anonymous, behavior-based website personalization and personalized content drive between a 5-15% increase in revenue and a 10-30% increase in marketing-spend efficiency.

3 Advantages of Personalized Content 

While we’ve covered a few of the benefits of personalized content above, we’ve only scratched the surface. B2B websites that successfully implement personalized content can expect to see significant gains that directly impact their business. 

  • More satisfied website visitors: Website visitors will find exactly what they are looking for with personalized content. Successful interactions will lead to repeat visitors and prospects who are more likely to convert and progress throughout the sales journey. 
  • Increased engagement and conversion rates: With content that fits website visitors, businesses can expect a reduced bounce rate and fewer page exits. For example, a customer increased website engagement by 139% with SoloSegment GuideBox
  • Increased revenue: Personalization can be the key to driving more revenue. According to Monetate, 93% of surveyed companies agreed that advanced website personalization led to revenue growth. 

Anonymous, Behavior-Based Content Personalization With SoloSegment GuideBox 

As the demands for data security and privacy increase, B2B companies must find a way to balance personalization without invading the privacy of users. To solve this problem, SoloSegment GuideBox personalizes the website experience without invasive measures. 

At SoloSegment we use intelligent tools and anonymous data to provide a personalized website experience for site visitors without impeding their privacy. SoloSegment GuideBox helps enterprise companies with extensive content inventories generate more qualified leads with their existing content. 

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