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7 facts about site search

The biggest roadblock to fixing your site search is recognizing that you have a problem. Many business owners will brush site search off as unimportant, and even when they know their site search is broken, they will put it off and tell themselves they’ll “fix it soon.” It’s common for our prospects to be skeptical on the real value of improving site search, but the facts are clear.

1. Site searchers are twice as likely to convert into sales, if they find the right content, quickly.

Site searchers who get good results buy at more than twice the rate of any other customers. Improved site search means improved sales.

2. More B2B buyers are using online research to make their buying decisions than ever.

94 percent of B2B buyers do online research at some point in the buying process and 68% of B2B buyers prefer doing business online versus with a salesperson. The future of B2B selling is digital, and you need to make sure your website provides B2B buyers the proper tools to find the solutions they’re looking for.

3. Almost a quarter of all site searches get zero results. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

Part of the problem with site search is that a sizeable amount of searches don’t yield any results at all. A study by User Interface Engineering found that almost a quarter of web site searches do not yield any results. That is consistent with what we see with our clients using our Site Search Inspector service. Improving your site search and content so that searchers get consistent results can significantly increase your sales conversions.

4. Many of the searches that you think are conversions are really customers being unhappy with the results they get and searching again.

A conversion isn’t just a customer clicking on a result. You need to measure other metrics to see if they really like the result. A customer clicking your result, going back, and searching again is a failure, not a success. They didn’t find what they’re looking for, and it’s unlikely they will.

5. Lots of your customers use site search. As many as 30 percent of visitors will perform a site search.

Even if the percent of customers doing searches on your site is low, the volume of searches may be high. Are you really ready to abandon all those searchers who think you have a product they want to buy?

6. Only 15 percent of companies dedicate resources to optimizing the on-site search experience.

Not nearly enough companies understand the importance of site search and dedicating resources to improving it. Good site search gives you a big sales edge.

7. Only 7 percent of companies use and interpret site search data for other business practices—even though it’s some of the best data for your customers’ needs.

Customers use your site search to spill their guts on exactly what content and products they want. In a way site search is your customers coming to you to tell you exactly what they want from you, and not nearly enough companies are utilizing this data to improve and create new content based on their customers’ needs.

Site search is a highly underrated and underfunded part of the sales process. The facts are clear: site search is important for sales, and your prospects and customers are using it more and more. If you want to capitalize on the future of B2B selling, you need to get a head start on good site search. If you’re behind, you need to catch-up.

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