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B2B website personalization is difficult. As our recent 6 Truths You Need to Know About B2B Website Personalization ebook talked about, companies can struggle to reach the right customer for any number of reasons: 

  • The death of cookies
  • Increasing use of remote work among your target individuals
  • Industry privacy efforts such as Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP) and Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP)
  • Government privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA

Even account-based marketing (ABM) faces limitations, working best to identify the company — but, importantly, not the individual — engaging with your content. Why is that important? Because knowing who you’re dealing with matters when you’re trying to put the right content in front of people from varied job roles like finance, IT, purchasing, or business development.

The truth is that B2B marketers today increasingly operate in the dark about the content their customers need. 

Why fight the darkness? Why not use behavioral data that you do have to personalize effectively for your customers? Two things can be true at once: You can embrace the darkness and also can implement effective B2B website personalization for your business. 

The following case study highlights a SoloSegment GuideBox™ customer that uses SoloSegment’s machine-learning powered B2B website personalization platform to drive results using anonymous personalization techniques. They’ve embraced the darkness — and produced results. Learn how you can too. 

B2B Website Personalization Case Study: ASME Increases Website Engagement and Sales Revenue with SoloSegment GuideBox™

Link to ASME B2B Website Personalization with SoloSegment GuideBox case study

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is a not-for-profit membership organization that helps the global engineering community develop innovative solutions to the world’s problems. Since it’s founding in 1880 ASME has grown to over 100,000 members in more than 140 countries. 

The organization’s website contains over 250,000 pages of content and gets over 6M sessions per year. They need high-quality — and highly personalized — content to help their diverse audience solve the world’s problems. 

ASME’s Business Challenge

ASME looked to improve member engagement and progression to drive revenue growth. Their problem centered on matching site visitors to the right content at the right time. While traditional technologies provide some capabilities to solve this problem, those tools required significant manual effort. As a result, ASME could only focus on the highest value content of their site. 

Download ASME B2B Website Personalization Case Study

ASME selected SoloSegment GuideBox™ as the right B2B website personalization solution to meet their needs and personalize content at scale. Why? Download the case study How ASME Delivered B2B Website Personalization Effectively here to see how SoloSegment GuideBox™ solved ASME’s problem. And learn how you can deploy effective B2B website personalization at scale for your organization — just like ASME.

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