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We've been named a Top 10 Marketing Analytics Solutions Provider for 2018 by Marketing Tech Outlook!

SoloSegment makes website conversion easier.

B2B prospects are increasingly moving online. Forrester estimates that in 2017, 68% of B2B buyers will use your site to research a purchase. Gone are the days when it’s enough to have SEO, search engine marketing and content marketing drive the top of the funnel while a sales rep handles the qualification and lead nurturing. A lot more of the qualification process will occur online. Your prospects need to find the right content at the right time so that the sales process can progress.

Two things will be increasingly important: Site search and a deep portfolio of quality content. It is our experience that just at the moment companies comes to terms with how important these two factors are, they realize how much they’ve underinvested in these two areas. That’s where SoloSegment steps in to provide efficient solutions for honing your site search experience and improving the depth of relevant content.

There are three solution areas where we’re focusing our efforts.

  • Measure – Automated solutions that provide insight into the underperforming areas of your site.
  • Learn – Machine learning fused with the value of human and automated analysis that will rapidly improve content outcomes.
  • Optimize – Automation of machine learning insights automatically improve content.

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