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Who are we?

B2B personalization that drives conversions

SoloSegment makes website conversions easier using behavior-based content recommendation to improve journey progression.

Lead qualification happens online, and quality content is vital for journey progression. But your content is increasingly gatekept by Google. Prospects who do find your site enter through different channels and at different stages, they can bounce around or get stuck, they can exit back to Google. B2B businesses like yours suffer from high bounce rates and exits.

Your prospects need to find the right content at the right time so sales can progress. That’s why SoloSegment provides personalized content recommendation for your customers.

What we provide

Content discovery through behavior-based personalization

Quality content isn’t enough for your website’s ability to sell. You also need navigation that guides a customer seamlessly toward conversion.That’s where SoloSegment steps in to provide effective software solutions for effortless navigation. 

Our GuideBox technology recommends the next best piece of content for your prospects to progress their journeys. Behavior-based personalization uses your own website data to determine what prospects need before they know they need it. You can use the content you already have. We just deliver the content where it should go.

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Our approach to software

AI only matters if you can see the value

SoloSegment uses machine learning and text analytics to model visitor behavior and predict what content is needed to progress a journey. Over time, GuideBox does a better and better job of improving your customer’s experience as it gains feedback from visitors. With better content recommendations, users are more likely to find high-quality information and are more inclined to convert. And with our analytics database, you can watch it happen.  

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How we're different

Most marketing automation misses the point

  • Effectiveness. Most content marketing tools focus on efficiency: scaling marketing activity at low cost. But you need to deliver content that actually leads to sales. Our technology automatically targets the right customer with the right message.

  • Measurable results. GuideBox improves your site over time using in-depth analytics so you can prove success.

  • Easy to implement. You may already have a personalization technology. Are you using it? We aren’t here to give your IT team more work to do; it’s as simple as adding a JavaScript tag. There’s no additional work for your content team either: we use the content you already have to progress journeys.
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What we value

Personalization without personal information

At SoloSegment we are ditching the use of excessive personal information. Maybe that’s weird for a personalization company, but we all know customers are increasingly wary of how their data is being used—and abused.

So we do personalization without it.

Instead of tracking personal information, we’re using on-site behavior to offer content suggestions, as well as improve website search. And the data is clear: it works.

Discover how GuideBox is carving a new path for personalization.


Let us increase your marketing yield.

You have the content. We have the tech to make it effective. Use the data we provide to improve conversions and guide your customers to the content they need. Our solutions are a great match for many large B2B enterprises. GuideBox incorporates behavioral personalization to offer relevant content discovery.

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SoloSegment is a proud member of the Digital Analytics Association​

MarTech Outlook Marketing Analytics Solution Provider

In 2018, MarTech Outlook named SoloSegment one of the top ten solution providers in Marketing Analytics.