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Frustrated Searchers
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SoloSegment’s insight drives site search conversion. 

"Site search is particularly tricky to make better because common measurement systems don't give you the insight into whether you're making progress on the things that really matter to visitors -- success. Site Search Inspector gave us the insight we needed to make progress."

John Rosato, Program Director, IBM
You want results. Your prospects want results. We've got results.
Monthly Searches
+ 109 %
Increase in search success
$ 9 M
Incremental Revenue

Don’t take our word for it. See the benefits a Fortune 50 tech company realized when they used Site Search Inspector to improve their global search engine.

You’re really close to better search.

You’ve done your best with available tools but those tools aren’t the right ones for the job. At best, you’re looking at measurement systems that are better suited to marketing campaigns or infrastructure tuning. 
Isn’t it time you got the right tools? Isn’t it time you unlocked the value trapped in your site search?
Turn Your Searchers Into Buyers

Even in the most unlikely digital buyer's journeys, high-consideration B2B products, finding the right information is critical to sales cycle.

Success Is What Matters

Happy searchers is a fine objective. But what really matters is that they're successful. Connect them to what they're looking for. When they're successful, you're successful.

Lower Your Support Costs

It's not just prospects who need good search. If your customers don't find product documentation and support content they're going to call you. That adds up. Keep them off the phone.

Don't Let Them Wander

If your searchers aren't successful, they leave. At best they go back to Google. But that's where your competitors are, so that's not so good. Keep them where you want them. On your site.

The One Question

Site Search Inspector generates site search analytics that answer the most critical search question. 
Did your most important visitors, those who think you have the solution to their problem, get their question answered? In short, are searchers successful?

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